The Screening Process

All of our applicants go through the following application process
which guarantees compliance with our Lease Agreement:

• Copy of Valid Drivers License or State Issued ID
• A Credit Check
• A Criminal Records Check
• Landlord Verification
• Employment Verification
• Application Fee $50.00 for single and $55.00 for couple
Selection Criteria
In order to comply with our Lease Agreement an applicant
must meet the following criteria:
• Must be 21 years of age
• Monthly gross salary must be equal to or greater than
two and one half times one month’s rent
• Roommates must make a combined gross salary equal
to or greater than three times one month’s rent
To verify income, the following must provided:
• Employed individuals must provide a current pay stub or in the event of a
new hire an official employment offer letter.
• Self-employed individuals must submit previous year’s tax forms if pay stubs
are not available. In some cases bank statements or other proof may be
• If unemployed applicant must submit verifiable proof of recurring income